About True Voice

Hi, I’m Martin Coyle. I’ve spent over 15 years supporting charities

  • improving performance
  • raising quality
  • attracting  funding and
  • demonstrating impact

…and meeting some of the most dedicated, passionate and skilled people anyone could wish to.

I also saw how isolated managers can be, how little support they have. How small organisations are facing an uphill battle in recognition, development, and commissioning. I learned how a small amount of support can help level the field.

 That’s why I started True Voice .

It’s a chance for you to get support from me as and when you need it.

  • I’ll help you to
  • find your focus
  • maximise impact
  • make sure that the True Voice of your organisation is heard. 

I also try to maintain some campaigns to relating to people’s rights, particularly the right to speak up and be heard.

Take a look  a look at the campaigns page, and do get in touch if you think I can help a campaign you’re involved in .

Martin Coyle